Society 2015

We sit inside ourselves all day. Talking to ourselves and our phones. We don’t look up. We don’t make eye contact because that is weird. Yet we wonder why we go to bed so alone at night?



We sit as Kings and Queens in our plastic chairs, silently judging the others around us. 

We act better than you because we are afraid that if we show you the real us, you might just see us for who we are. Fake.  Afraid. Of being alone and unhappy, so we put ourselves higher than everyone else, on these pedestal and point our noses in the air.  

They won’t notice if we don’t look them in the eye. They won’t see the tears rolling down out cheeks. If we show emotions then we look weak. 

But it is lonely at the top. Everyone is below you and you want to hate them all because they have what you want. A real life. Someone to be with. To not be alone. 

Sunday Night Feels

Does anyone else feel completely exhausted on Sunday nights? Aren’t Sunday’s supposed to be for relaxing?? Not for some though, unfortunately (aka me) who work in retail. It sounds fun in the beginning but it slowly wears on you. I’ve recently started working at West Elm (yay for employment and money) and while I love the product we carry and [most] of the products are well priced, the bedding is a little pricey but totally worth it! Running through the store though all day trying to make customers happy takes a lot out of a person! How was everyone else’s Sunday? I will have to say one good thing that did come out of today is my new found love of acai bowls! Has anyone had them? Hope you all drank lots of great coffee!

A Little Something New

The sun pours down on me on this hot summer morning. The rays throwing themselves over my skin and I feel all of the tension from the past week slowly leave my body. It is only 11 o’clock and at least 80 degrees and I can’t think of a better place to be. Here drinking coffee (my number one obsession) looking out onto the hills of the valley I live in. I think sometimes we get so caught up in our lives that we forget to take in our surroundings. Does anyone else feel that way? I find myself doing this on the daily, forgetting where I am, forgetting what is around me. I think we all know how busy our lives are – we are human beings after all! But doesn’t it just sometimes feel like we fill our days with things we think we would enjoy rather than what we actually want to do? To be more in tune with one’s body and as cliche as it sounds, be in touch with our feelings. To take an hour or so maybe even thirty minutes every few days and remember to get back in touch with ourselves. That is my goal for this summer! Any other helpful tips?


We are not created nor destroyed, we are passed on. Passed on through everything that has ever meant anything to us, to the trees to help others breathe. Breathe the life that we are no longer in. Breathe in through nose  out through mouth. Breathe into this world to know that you are alive to infect your lungs with the greatness that I had one day hoped to achieve and now that greatness has bestowed into you. I hope that I can give you the ability to live with such power and ferocity that I did because if you do not — what is your life anyways? To just go through the days and motions? No. But to embrace everything. To want more out of life than to just, be.