15 Signs You’re Lucky Enough To Date A Girl Who Doesn’t Need You

So true!

Thought Catalog

krissana_renae krissana_renae

1. She won’t text you back right away. She’s not ignoring you, trying to play games or make you question where she is or what she’s doing. She’s just busy. Busy working, busy dreaming, just busy. What you can count on is that she will text or call you back when she can give you the full, undivided attention that you deserve.

2. She’ll celebrate the small things. She knows what hard work is and understands that it should always be rewarded. Whether you got a promotion, finally presented that project you’ve been working weeks on, or just got an encouraging email from your boss – she will be the first one to grab your hand and head to happy hour.

3. She has her own friends and she wants you to have yours. This doesn’t mean that there’s no room for intersection. But, she won’t be the one…

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