Dreaming About You

You look forward to the mornings so you can wake up next to her and look into her emerald green eyes that have flecks of blue in them, which you had never seen before hers. After you met her, they were the only ones you wanted to see anymore. You always found yourself looking for them in a crowd of people – looking for that fluff of blonde hair she claims is like a lions mane and she desperately tries to contain it everyday, wanting to hide part of what makes her beautiful and you just laugh because everyday the hair wins, but when she falls asleep next to you and that mane tickles your face, you don’t seem to mind. You actually kind of like it because it reminds you of all the crazy adventures you two have been on. Like the time she had just turned 19 and you were 20, you two snuck into the fair that had just come into town and rode the merry-go-round. She couldn’t stop smiling the entire time you two were there. The smile  I could never forget, you think to yourself. She was beautiful that night, like always but you couldn’t stop staring at her, with her in her favorite pink shorts and white tank top that showed off her nice summer tan and she looked like she was glowing in the moonlight. I didn’t want that night to ever end, you thought, reminiscing. You were just so fascinated with how much she loved the ordinary. You took the ordinary and made it extraordinary. She was never bland, and still to this day is not. I love that about you. She has this spark inside of her that makes her seem like she will be forever young.

That was one thing I will always love about you. Everything I did for you, you loved and made me fall in love with you even more. I was always the guy who never wanted to be taken but I think it is because I hadn’t met you yet. I know this sounds crazy but I have felt this way for the last 58 years and have never looked back since I met you. I hate falling asleep because then I have to stop looking at you and your beauty. You are always in my dreams when I close my eyes and I count the hours till I can wake up next to you again. I still can’t believe you said yes to me when I asked you to marry me on the merry-go-round. I thought you were kidding at first, but then you jumped on me and kissed me like I was air and you needed me to breathe. You have been making me feel like that ever since we first kissed. Sometimes I wake up in the early mornings just so I can watch your face be illuminated by the faint sunlight peaking through the curtains of our room and I watch your smile on your face as you dream. I wonder if you ever dream about me because you are all I ever dream about.


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