Sitting here baking in the sun waiting for your beat up old chevy to crawl up the drive, thinking, things will be different tonight.

She’s told herself this too many times throughout the last five years. For a girl so young, she seems to be pretty stuck.

Small towns can seem too small sometimes.

He makes his way up the drive quickly, bouncing in and out of pot holes formed from years of rain and wear that seems to never end. She lets out a breath that she didn’t realize she was holding and walks quickly to his truck. He looks tired, as always. Twelve hour shifts will do that to you she thinks.

She catches a faint wiff of his cologne that she loves on him, as she kisses him “hi” on the cheek. He always smelled so good. That’s one thing she would never get tired of.

They met at the county fair, both young and naiive. Mutual friends brought them together and she have never looked back since…

Until a few weeks ago that is.

They only ever seem to fight now a days about anything and everything. 

I guess thats what happens when you’ve been together for so long, she thinks. They didn’t even live together though and he worked an hour and half outside of town while she was still working toward her degree in business, so they didn’t really get a chance to see each other that often during the week. She used to look forward to these times during the weekend that they were able to spend together, but now it almost seemed like a chore to her.

Lately he has been short, snippy. This isn’t the guy she fell in love with.

But when he looks at her and smiles, she blushes and looks away.

First dates are so great because you don’t  really know the other person that well and you can be whoever you want to be. Meeting new people. First glances. That first kiss.

The Sun shines on her face and she looks so beautiful. I gaze at her a second longer, not believing that she’s mine. How did I get so lucky? He asks himself. I wish this day would never end.


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  1. Christine.B.Ross says:

    “First dates are so great because you don’t really know the other person that well and you can be whoever you want to be.” This is an awesome line. Probably my favorite from this piece!

    You probably don’t need this because your stuff is pretty good, but if you know anyone who’s interested I’m doing free editing work 🙂

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