After All

After all the hustle the day wears on you. The taxi horns stop blaring in your eardrums reverberating till you think you have definitely gone deaf And  then everything around you is still so then what happens now? Now that the silence is deafening and you wish that you had earbuds in to plug yourself back into the real world for a bit, that you are normal and sane and not what you actually are which some still say “oh that is nice” or “oh how sad” and some don’t make eye contact with you. Some call you crazy but won’t look you in the eye when they call you that. They mean it as rude like everyone is to you these days No more hello’s or how are you today Erin is blank stares and weird smirks, quick glances. I wish this never happened to me, they should be happy they are not me. I don’t even want to be me anymore.


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