We Lived

And we lived without a care in the world

Because we loved so fiercely that we simply could not care.

For we thought life was infinite 

in that time.

All those late night conversations 

that were full of promises we fully intended on keeping.

Those secrets that only we would know.

Those were the nights that I felt so alive

Not wanting to face reality because 

that was where the bad happened. 

When I was with you though, 

it was always good. 

I would give anything to go back to those summer nights,

of carefreeness and love

of staying up all night to watch the sunrise with you. 

Knowing you would be right next to me.


But now I watch the sunrise by myself from my one bedroom loft.


Wondering what really happened to us. 


The words just spill out of my mouth

Like hot lava forcing their way out

They will not be contained any longer!

Pent up from months of not saying anything. 

From just turning the other cheek

“I’m just fine” 

and it feels so good to finally let 

this out.



that has been consuming my life for the last five years

is finally being let free


Except you are not here to hear them

It is just these white walls I find myself talking to.