Those days I lived like I was on fire.

Burning for your passion

For me

For me to feel alive

Because we only truly feel alive

right before we die

So is this it?

Am I going to die?

is this what I have lived for?

To just die.

I feel the flames lick my skin

But it does not hurt

They are part of me

they make me stronger when I feel weak.

Sometimes though

They hold me back,

like you did.

Because one day we weren’t an us anymore

It was you

and I

separated by what felt like years

formed from lies and pain.

And that is when my flames grew.

They formed a barrier from


and your shit.


From all the things you would say to me

to make me feel like



But now my flames burn because

of the rage I have towards you

And they are there everyday burning brighter

to show you that

I can not be put out

by anyone.

Especially not by you.


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