Those days I lived like I was on fire.

Burning for your passion

For me

For me to feel alive

Because we only truly feel alive

right before we die

So is this it?

Am I going to die?

is this what I have lived for?

To just die.

I feel the flames lick my skin

But it does not hurt

They are part of me

they make me stronger when I feel weak.

Sometimes though

They hold me back,

like you did.

Because one day we weren’t an us anymore

It was you

and I

separated by what felt like years

formed from lies and pain.

And that is when my flames grew.

They formed a barrier from


and your shit.


From all the things you would say to me

to make me feel like



But now my flames burn because

of the rage I have towards you

And they are there everyday burning brighter

to show you that

I can not be put out

by anyone.

Especially not by you.



A walk with my camera

The threatening typhoon has finally fizzled out.  Is there a need to be thankful for after all we’ve been through?


The rain used to be delightful.  Now it brings a feeling of heaviness.


The soft patters now sound like crashing bedlam.  Everything is all coming down at once.


Hope.  That’s all that’s left of the tired and weary spirit that has been tried too many times for far too long.


Tomorrow can always be better than today.  There are so many things to be thankful for, just look at the bigger picture.

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