Lets race the storm tonight

Lets do it right

Just you and I

The wind at our backs

We have the whole night

In the palm of our hands

Don’t need anybody eslse

Have the whole world

On the tips of our fingers

Thunder at our backs

As our feet pound the damp pavement

The rush is the best part

If the storm will catch you or not

Not us though

Not tonight

Tonight we own this fight

No looking back

No giving up

We will beat this

The rain pounding down against us

But we keep going

Nothing is going to stop us tonight

Tonight we will beat this storm

Tonight we will win


With my hand in yours


Off I Go

I look in your eyes and I know, you don’t have to tell me anything. I wish we could communicate but instead we sit here in silence. Not the good kind either…more the deafening kind. The kind that makes you want to scream, WHY AREN’T WE TALKING.

But I don’t. I let this ugly silence fall into my lap, untouched and I can almost see our last few strands of any sort of relationship slip away from my hands, like sand falling through the cracks.

I knew this was going to happen so why did I do it? Because I could and I wanted to do it. I wanted to piss her off. I wanted to show her that I wasn’t a robot and lived by her rules. I didn’t want that anymore, it wasn’t me. But now it’s the day before  I leave for college and my own mother won’t even talk to me. She tried to keep her tight grasp on me by controlling what colleges I applied to but I had lived with her rules and shit for the last 18 years of my life. She would not control this part of my future for me.

I was going across the country to have my own life. I look at her one last time before I walk through our faded sea foam blue front door and saw a tear fall down her cheek.

Would she really miss me after all?

If You Were Summer

If you were summer

I would watch you fade


But enjoying every minute of everyday

Soaking in your sun

Getting lost in your rays

That brings life to my skin

And make me feel alive

And not stuck inside

But feeling my skin tingle

And knowing that I will forever love

The feeling you give me

That you warm my body

Sometimes a little too much

But I still won’t give up on you.